Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed … what does it mean?

At its most fundamental, qualitative research tends to focus on the specific, the individual, the particular; while quantitative research looks for the generalisable, and large amounts of data and/or participants. But, along with these, qualitative and quantitative research are often taken to imply different sorts of orientations towards the nature of knowledge, and even reality. In general, the term ‘mixed-methods’ is used to describe methodologies that combine qualitative and quantitative research in some way. Different researchers take different positions on…

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Research Question design

There are a number of ways that survey questions may be problematic. You should not ask questions that your respondents are unlikely to know the answers to, or imply a demand for an unreasonable degree of precision. If you provide a set range of answers for participants, make sure that they are clear about whether you are requesting that they select only one answer from the set, or that they should indicate all that apply. Be careful that the language…

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Reflecting on Research Design

It is useful to think of research as involving a number of components, which in combination constitute a research design. However, before we begin these explorations, it may be useful to reflect on the broader research design considerations into which methods would be situated: Research question(s): the specific question(s) that the researcher believes can be answered using particular methods. For example: How do non-asian teenage fans of Japanese anime construct identity online? A conceptual framework: the theoretical perspective that underpins the research.…

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Găsește-ți adevărata sursă de motivație cu Self Transformer!

Stimularea, inspirația, conducerea, entuziasmul, impulsul și forța motrice sunt doar câteva din sinonimele pe care le-am găsit când am căutat în dicționar cuvântul “motivare”. Una dintre premisele succesului pe care Narcis Cernea o menționează în Self Transformer si care constă în îndeplinirea oricărei provocări este motivarea. Fără ea, orice provocare, în cele din urmă va deveni prea descurajantă pentru a o putea vedea pană la finalizare. Cu toții trebuie să găsim acest lucru special, ceva care ne duce dincolo de obișnuit.…

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