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Reflecting on Research Design

It is useful to think of research as involving a number of components, which in combination constitute a research design. However, before we begin these explorations, it may be useful to reflect on the broader research design considerations into which methods would be situated: Research question(s): the specific question(s) that the researcher believes can be answered using particular methods. For example: How do non-asian teenage fans of Japanese anime construct identity online? A conceptual framework: the theoretical perspective that underpins the research.…

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Codul de Etica Profesionala al Practicienilor de Medicina Complementara

Ce este medicina complementara? Medicina complementara este dupa cum ii spune si numele, o activitate medicala ce completeaza vindecarea bazata pe medicina clasica. Medicina complementara este mult mai veche decat medicina clasica, odata cu aparitia acesteia (a medicinei clasice) medicina complementara a continuat in paralel completand, sa spunem medicina clasica. Persoanele care se adresează unui practician de medicină complementară beneficiază de tratament de medicină complementară numai după exprimarea, în scris, a acordului de voinţă. Încercările de a vindeca bolile sau…

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